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The 2020 ASIA PACIFIC Anti-Aging Conference(APAAC) is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City Government which is a medical hub of Korea with its superb medical personnel and infrastructure. It is the only international anti-aging training program officially accredited by the Korean Medical Association. The 2020 APAAC is also the only medical conference that integrates 4 specialties which are strong in Korea and Daegu such as Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, and Dentistry into “Anti-Aging” and it has become an anti-aging Conference representing Korea. At the 2020 APAAC, lectures will be given on practical topics reflecting the global trend of the anti-aging industry with the participation of competent over 80 domestic and foreign speakers. In particular, the 2020 APAAC offers various in-depth content such as an industrial session, COVID-19 special session to differentiate the event from others. Among Others, the 2020 APAAC will be held online and off-line together to cope with the pandemic. All the lectures and live video sessions will be broadcasted in vivid resolution at the venue and studios equipped with the latest ICT technology.

Medical specialists and medical practitioners

Medical practitioners who are medical specialists.

Representative lecturers of each medical specialty in Daegu and Korea

Medical specialty

Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplants, Dentistry

Not only do we provide lectures but also live surgeries.


As Korea was the first country in Asia to hold the ISDS(International Society for Dermatologic Surgery) and half the 170 speakers were Korean doctors, Korean dermatology can be said to be world-class. Likewise, of the 200 overseas doctors attending the 2019 APAAC, 100 doctors signed up for the dermatology program. In the Dermatology program of the 2020 APAAC, Korea's best dermatologists from Kyungpook National University Hospital will demonstrate amazing treatment methods for skin tumors and diseases. Besides, the International and domestic top dermatologists from prestigious medical schools and famous Dermatology Hospital will conduct lectures and live video sessions for obesity and scar treatment and brightening, with a focus on practical techniques and procedures. Led by these excellent instructors, the 2020 APAAC Dermatology Program will help doctors and participants acquire K-beauty dermatology techniques.

Plastic Surgery

Korea, in particular, Daegu is especially famous for its cosmetic surgeries, with its Asian blepharoplasty results setting and dominating global trends. Additionally, Daegu is the leading city in the new trend of Asian blepharoplasty, focuses on developing the capacity of making big eyes in patients with small eyes. The 2020 APAAC will feature an in-depth session on Asia blepharoplasty titled “4 Directional Enlargement of Eyelid.” This year, 20 best doctors, experts, and professors in blepharoplasty will provide the best quality of lectures and live video sessions. The plastic surgery program is composed of practical lectures that start from basic to deeper knowledge and skills of Making big eye by Korean 4 Directional Enlargement of eyelid skill. The Enhanced live video session will help doctors and participants in the study of new techniques about 4 directional enlargement of the Asian Eye.

Hair Transplantation

As the hair transplantation industry is emerging worldwide, the status of Korea, which has the hair transplantation market of 4-billion dollars is increasing day by day. In particular, Daegu is the place of origin for hair transplantation in Korea as it has Kyungpook National University Hospital Hair Transplantation Center which performed and developed hair transplantation for the first time in Korea. At the 2020 APAAC in Daegu, professor Dr. Jeong Chul Kim who developed follicular unit transplantation with a survival rate of 92% or over for the first time in the world will give you a key introductory lecture. Also, many other Korea’s top hair transplantation doctors and international competent specialists will help you acquire the sophisticated and advanced hair transplantation technology. This year, we will specifically focus on the comparison between FUE and FUT and the introduction of many other new hair transplant devices such as Multi-implanter. And also, this conference will be held co-hosted by the Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery(KSHR). We encourage you to acquire knowledge and skills through specialized instructors and in-depth lectures.


Dental treatment in Korea has a high reputation due to the distinguished dentists, the quality of materials, and advanced technologies. In particular, Daegu is a medicity having the largest dental infrastructure of Korea including 14 dental hospitals, 802 dental clinics, and 54 dental medical device companies. This year, the 2020 APAAC dentistry focuses on dental implant and digital dentistry. Specialists working for Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital will help you catch innovative technologies in practical dentistry. Professors from Korea’s leading university hospitals and outstanding overseas speakers will provide high-quality lectures and practical courses. In addition, Korea’s sophisticated and excellent implant technologies will be introduced in collaboration with international Korean implant companies which are famous not only in Korea but also in other countries.


The Anti-aging industry of South Korea is well recognized for its technology and performance in the world. As the demand for participation by non-doctor medical staff increased, The 2020 APAAC has of- fered ‘the Paramedic Program’, which is an in-depth program for non-doctor medical staff. The 2020 APAAC Paramedic Program will help you understand the advanced hospital operation sys- tem of South Korea, get to know the beauty trends, and acquire practical skills together with excellent speakers and medical companies. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to experience and observe the anti-aging industry of South Korea through the vivid online tour of V Plastic Surgery Clinic, All for Skin Dermatology Clinic and other famous university hospitals in Daegu. In particular, the 2020 APAAC offers special sessions are organized targeting major countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan. So that the participants can have an opportunity to learn the K-Beauty industry more practically and effectively.

Public Session

The 2020 ASIA PACIFIC Anti-Aging Conference(APAAC) is Korea’s only medical conference that offers public session which is open to all departments. In the 2020 APAAC’s public session, renowned professors from Kyungpook National University Hospital and other prestigious medical schools will provide lectures on the practical anti-aging treatment. In addition, the industrial session will give you opportunities to experience high-tech products. Considering the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak situation, we offer a COVID-19 special session which is led by doctors, administrative experts, and paramedics. These practical and in-depth contents will offer you amazing Korean anti-aging techniques including device-assisted skincare, fitness trends, and weight-control drug therapy.