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  • Won Seok Choi

    Won Seok Choi Chair

    · Chief Director, V Plastic Surgery Clinic

    - 2017 Top 100 Noted Doctor in Korea (Sisa magazine)

  • Hyo Jeung Kim

    Hyo Jeung Kim

    · Professor, Dept. of Beauty Stylist, Suseong University

    - Chair of the Korea Beauty Industrial Association

  • Sung Min Yun

    Sung Min Yun

    · C.E.O, ARA Medical Group

  • Louis Cha (Sang Do Cha)

    Louis Cha (Sang Do Cha)

    · Division Director, Dept of Healthcare, HDIZ Ltd.

    - Won Excellence Award od research poster by the Plant Pathology Journal

  • Yun Gu Roh

    Yun Gu Roh

    · Head Professor, Dept of Hotel and Airline Service&Tourism, Suseong University

    - Director of Daegu Global Urban Tourism marketing

  • Jonathan Shin

    Jonathan Shin

    · Executive Vice President, HDIZ Ltd.

  • Kee Youn Woo

    Kee Youn Woo

    · C.E.O, SEMA Hospital Consulting Company

    - Won Korea Health Industry Awards of Healthcare information and management consultation

  • Yong Jung Son

    Yong Jung Son

    · CEO, BLCOMS Ltd.

  • Seong Geun Chi

    Seong Geun Chi

    · Director, JCI AllforSkin Dermatology Clinic

    - Former Director of Dermatology in Armed Force Goyang Hospital

  • Seong Hyo Kim

    Seong Hyo Kim

    - BF Medical Group