The Asia-Pacific Anti-Aging Course (APAAC) is a program offering highly specialized training and networking opportunities to medical practitioners in the internationally promising field of anti-aging. This training program is hosted by the local government of Daegu, one of the three largest cities in South Korea that is also renowned as a Medi-City for its competence in beauty and the plastic surgery practice. The APAAC is the only international anti-aging symposium recognized by the Korean Medical Association. Its organizer, the Society of Asia Pacific Anti-Aging, offers year-round support to enable sustained exchange among the APAAC participants who hail from over 20 countries around the world.

Medical specialists andmedical practitioners Medical practitioners who are medical specialists.
Representative lecturers of each medical specialty in Daegu and Korea
Medical specialty Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplants, Dentistry
Not only do we provide lectures but also live surgeries.

  • Dermatology
  • The dermatology program focuses on external factors to prevent the signs of skin aging. The popularity of Korea’s beauty products and regimen, together known as “K-beauty,” has spread beyond Asia to the world, and Korea’s skin science is recognized internationally. Renowned lecturers from Daegu and elsewhere in Korea, along with overseas experts, will offer sessions in lasers, fillers, Botulinum toxin injections, thread lifts, as well as other up-and-coming new therapies in dermatology and anti-aging, including live surgeries to demonstrate the newest procedures. Participants to the 2019 APAAC program will enjoy access to intensive training sessions on practicable new technologies in anti-aging with the added bonus of attending the international exhibition that will be held alongside the APAAC. At this exhibition, participants can view Korea’s latest in advanced laser devices, Botox treatments, fillers, and other medical and skincare products.
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Korea is especially famous for its cosmetic surgeries, with its rhinoplasty results setting and dominating global trends. The 2019 APAAC will feature an in-depth session on Asian rhinoplasty titled “Asian Rhinoplasty Live Surgery Symposium.” Over 20 of Korea’s leading rhinoplasty surgeons and international experts from the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and elsewhere will offer insightful lectures and live surgery demonstrations. The two-day PINOKIO Symposium (November 27-28), which will highlight rhinoplastic and genioplastic procedures using autologous implants, will be held simultaneously with the APAAC. Participants registering for both events will receive a discounted rate among other special offers.
  • Hair Transplantation
  • The hair transplants program will be headed by Professor Moon Gyu Kim, a member of the APAAC Hair Transplants Program Committee, and Professor Jung Chul Kim, the director of the KNUH Hair Transplantation Center and the founder of KNUH’s hair implant practice with its emphasis on minimizing follicle damage and improved strip harvesting techniques that has led to the world’s highest transplanted hair survival rate of 92%. Altogether, over 20 distinguished lecturers from Korea and abroad will offer sessions in this program. Korea’s hair transplant history began in Daegu with the strip harvesting technique. As such, this program will offer a unique opportunity to witness live surgeries involving Daegu’s world-famous hair transplant procedures performed by the founder of this practice and his distinguished pupils.
  • Dentistry
  • This program on oral maxillofacial surgery will be offered by the distinguished professor Hee Moon Kyung, international experts such as EleftheriaGliarmi, and professors from Kyungpook National University’s School of Dentistry. The program will consist of hands-on courses and lectures on orthodontic micro-implants, implant treatments for functional restoration, and digital technologies. The sessions offered by EleftheriaGliarmi on the use of PCGF, APAG, and ICF will be especially popular with practitioners attending the 2019 APAAC. Recognized nationwide for its expertise in dentistry, the city of Daegu is home to such manufacturers as Megagen and Dentis that export implant solutions around the world, as well as to JCI-certified clinics (Mir Dental Hospital and Deokyeong Dental Clinic) and other leading medical institutions. A course on implants is currently being developed to be offered in the corporates session.