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Thursday, Nov 28 K-Beauty & Aesthetics Tour

Price(per pserson)
$50 (=KRW 60,000)
※ Notice ※
Price includes Lunch, English-speaking Guide, Transportation, and other admission fees as per itinerary.
Minimum number of participants : 10 (If minimum number of participants is not reached, the programs may be cancelled with a prior notice.)
For K-Beauty Experience Program, Please bring your own cosmetics if you have sensitive skin.

This tour takes you on an amazing experience of K-beauty and Aesthetics experience in Daegu, which has long been a city of beauty & fashion and top medical treatment.

Firstly, you will get first-class skincare treatment at “one of the most sophisticated aesthetic plastic surgery hospital in Korea. During the time, you will receive one of the finest skin care programs [(1)Moisture Care (2)Whitening Care (3)Elastic/Skin Soothing] and learn the many techniques, products, and services of K-beauty.

Next, you will have the opportunity to experience a fashion model yourself putting on make up, hair styling, and wearing a hanbok, traditional Korean clothing. In the end, you will get your personal profile photo taken by a professional photographer. We are certain that they will be precious souvenirs and memory.

The tour ends with shopping at Dongseongro, the busiest shopping district in Daegu. Many local cosmetic shops, clothing stores and upscale department stores line the streets and alley to grab the attention of many foreign visitors. Famous international brands, local labels, along with street clothes and delicious food stalls are available in this trendy neighbourhood. Enjoy the safe and dynamic nightlife in Daegu!

Time Contents
10:30 ~ Departure : Hotel
11:00 ~ 12:00 Aesthetics Tour

  • Inspection of Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
  • Skin care program
12:30 ~ 13:30 Lunch
14:00 ~ 17:00 K-Beauty Experience Program

  • Make-up, fashion & hair styling by experts
  • Model walking lessons and fashion show catwalk
  • Personal photoshoot
  • Getting a personal photoshoot picture
17:30 ~

  • Shopping at Downtown Dongseongro
    escored by professional translator

If there is a person who want to join for only K-Beauty Experience Program starting from 2 pm Please ask Ms. Minjeong jo by email(!

Monday, Dec 2 Various Times of Daegu Tour

Price(per pserson)
$60 (=KRW 70,000)
※ Notice ※
Price includes Lunch, English-speaking Guide, Transportation, and Entrance fees as per itinerary.
Minimum number of participants : 10 (If minimum number of participants is not reached, the programs may be cancelled with a prior notice.)
Please wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

The Daegu Tour begins at Donghwasa Temple with 1,500 years of history located in Palgong Mountain and it is one of the most popular temples in Korea. Its name changed into Donghwasa Temple is because the phoenix trees still bloom in winter here. Entering the Bonghwangmun Gate and walking up the road, visitors will be greeted by Tong-il yaksa yeoraebul, known as the world's largest stone Buddha. The Buddha statue is in a pretty huge scale with its feet reaching 17m high, and the statue’s building has implied people’s wish for unification.

At the temple, you can have an opportunity to learn and understand how temple food made of diverse vegetables. Temple Food constitutes a cultural core that gives a concrete from to the essential teachings of Buddhism on its path to healthy living and ultimate enlightenment. You would meet the taste and wisdom of Korean temple food at Donghwasa.

And then you will be invited to the history of Samsug Group all the way dack to the establishment of a small shop in Daegu called Samsung Sanghoe. Established in 1938 by Samsung Group founder Byung-chull Lee, Samsung Sanghoe grew rapidly over the years. Daegu Samsung Creative Center has restored the passion of the young entrepreneur who have challenged from a small shop and has become a place where supporting startups develop new dreams now days.

From Dongseong-ro, the street filled with youth, romance and festivals and a number-one shopping destination. Walking along the streets in Dongseong-ro, you can meet Korean latest trends in beauty, fashion and food.

We look forward to ensuring your experience is enjoyable and memorable with various times of Daegu.

Time Contents
9:00 ~ Departure : EXCO
10:00 ~ 12:00
Donghwasa Temple Food Experience
12:00 ~13:00
14:00 ~ 14:30
Samsung Sanghoe(Birthplace of Samsung) in Samsung Creative Campus
14:40 ~ 16:30
Shopping at Downtown Dongseongro
~ 17:00 Arrival : Hotel