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The 2022 ASIA PACIFIC Anti-Aging Conference(APAAC) is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City Government which is a medical hub of Korea with its superb medical personnel and infrastructure. It is the only international anti-aging training program officially accredited by the Korean Medical Association. The 2022 APAAC is also the only medical conference that integrates 4 specialties which are strong in Korea and Daegu such as Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, and Dentistry into “Anti-Aging” and it has become an anti-aging Conference representing Korea. At the 2022 APAAC, lectures will be given on practical topics reflecting the global trend of the anti-aging industry with the participation of competent over 80 domestic and foreign speakers. In particular, the 2022 APAAC offers various in-depth content such as an industrial session, COVID-19 special session to differentiate the event from others. Among Others, the 2022 APAAC will be held online and off-line together to cope with the pandemic. All the lectures and live video sessions will be broadcasted in vivid resolution at the venue and studios equipped with the latest ICT technology.

Medical specialists and medical practitioners

Medical practitioners who are medical specialists.

Representative lecturers of each medical specialty in Daegu and Korea

Medical specialty

Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplants, Dentistry

Not only do we provide lectures but also live surgeries.


Update on treatments for cutaneous cosmetic and inflammatory diseases and skin tumors Lectures and live surgeries for skin aging, scar treatment, wrinkles, and brightening with focus on practical technique and procedures

Plastic Surgery

The up-to-date plastic surgery techniques of korea and leading trends in four fields : minimal invasive anti-aging procedures, advanced course on face lift, borw lift and fat graft Live surgeries and Cadaver workshops

Hair Transplantation

Introducing a new multi hair implanter and covering recent studies on hair follicle regeneration as well as the Follicular unit Extraction (FUE) technology


The Real Digital Revolution - Expanding Dentistry Through Digital Technology in dental implant treatments Tooth transplantation & Sinus grafting in implant Dentistry

Public Session

Industrial sessions give you opportunities to experience high-tech products, open to all specialities Korean anti-aging techniques including device-assisted skin care, fitness trends, and weight-control drug therapy. Special focus session of rhinoplasty uning 3D simulation and 3D printing

Hospital Management

Covering the marketing, management, and strategy of korean Hospitals. Introducing korea's famous plastic surgery and dermatology clinics