Hospital Management

Hospital Management

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  • Won Seok Choi

    Won Seok Choi Chair

    · Director, V Plastic Surgery Clinic

    - Korea Health Industry Development Institute Medical Korea Awards, 2013
    - Grand Prize as outstanding Korean Doctor, 2013
    - Win national official commendation as global health care, 2013

  • Kee Youn Woo

    Kee Youn Woo

    SEMA Consulting Group

    -Provided consultations on hospital management across the numerous hospitals of Seoul, Daegu, Busan

  • Junghyun Yoon

    Junghyun Yoon

    Yeungnam University

    Professor of Business Administration at Yeungnam University

  • YongJung Son

    YongJung Son

    CEO. Medical Director

    - BLCOMS Co., Ltd CEO