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We welcome everyone interested to join the 2021 ASIA PACIFIC Anti-Aging Conference (APAAC).

This conference is a highly reliable event hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City featuring a B2B industrial exhibition, specialized in antiaging medical technology with high growth. It supports business meetings between medical staff, medical companies, and buyers and also provides business services all year round before and after the event.

Daegu is Korea’s leading medical hub with about 23,000 medical staff from about 3,700 hospitals and clinics, including 5 university hospitals, exerting efforts to offer high-quality medical services. It creates and operates a high-tech medical complex to develop a world-leading medical industry, as well as the water, future automobile, energy, and robot industries. As such, the brand value of “MEDI CITY DAEGU” is expected to improve. In addition, the medical technology test training center under construction will continue to provide medical technology training to domestic and overseas medical staff.

The 2020 APAAC succeeded in diversifying programs to offer effective marketing opportunities while making a new attempt at hosting the event online following COVID-19. About 690 medical staff from 19 nations joined the conference as trainees, and participating companies met 54 overseas buyers in individual business meetings.

This year’s APAAC will be held for three days from December 3 to 5. It will showcase the latest medical technology conferences, industrial exhibitions, and various business meeting programs, such as export consultations in dermatology, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and dentistry fields, and is expected to have more comprehensive events with online and off-line meetings.

I hope this event provides opportunities to share cutting-edge medical technologies with overseas medical staff and the latest issues of the Asia-Pacific antiaging market, as well as advanced technologies, with overseas investors, antiaging companies, and researchers, and allows all participants to seize opportunities to enter the global antiaging market.

Let us turn the current crisis into an opportunity and make this conference a place to take the leap toward the future!

Thank you.

Hae yong Jeong

Chair of the organizing committee of the 2021 APAAC

Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs, Daegu Metropolitan City Government

“Water for those who need water and coffee for those who need coffee”

I wish all of you good health amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the unexpected chaos last year, we have realized the importance of everyday life. However, human wisdom is so extraordinary that even the unprecedented struggle has paved the way to a new normal.

Launched four years ago, APAAS  has reorganized its conference, making every preparation for the fourth meeting increasingly informative and customized. It aims to find the answers to your questions, provide solutions to your difficulties, and most of all, open channels for us to work together to come up with relevant solutions. Please come and join us. Let us know about your concerns and challenges.
For more updated news, feel free to visit our website. We would like to keep in contact with you through this communication channel. A stout heart tempers adversity. I believe we all will be able to overcome this crisis and create a new change.

Thank you.

Dae Gu Son

Chair of the Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Society (APAAS)

Professor of the Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center