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Daegu Medical Tourism Services to Attract Foreign Patient

Korea Representative City of Medical TourismMedicity Daegu

Daegu is the central city of politics and economy of korea based on the abundant medical infrastructure, Daegu is leaping to representative city of medical tourism of south korea

The Center of Politics of Korea, Daegu

Daegu is the hometown of 5 out of 12 president of Korea. It is the center of politics and has high pride for politics

The Origin of SAMSUNG, Center of Economy of Korea

Daegu is growing as the center of the economy of Korea with traditional fabric industry, the mechanical automobile part industry, and IT industry. Based on this rapid growth, Daegu City leads the future of the High-Tech Industry

The Center of Medical Tourism, Medicity Daegu

Medicity Daegu declares itself as ‘The Capital City of Medical Tourism’ (Oct 2008) and Medicity Daegu has 5 medical Universities with 100-year-history and abundant advanced Medical Staff.

Medical Tourism Safety Insurance

From June 2016
Foreigners who visit Daegu for Medical Purposes(Medicity Daegu pays for insurance fees)
Contents of Insurance Coverage
01.Injury / Death / After-effect Disabilities during Medical Tourism in Daegu

In Case of the Injury, Death, and After-effect disabilities listed in the disability classified table by a sudden and accidental event occurred during the period of insurance(including a medical accident) Compensate a maximum of 50 million KRW

02.Responsible for compensation during Medical Tourism in Daegu

Pay the amount of compensation for damage which Is actually taken within the limit of compensation when the insurant causes a physical disability to others or destroys or damages others’ property by an accidental event during the period of insurance and the insurant is liable and responsibility for legal compensation. Maximum 10 million KRW

03.Supporting Economic Service for Extended Stay

Support costs for a stay of medical tourist when he or she has to stay beyond expected their departure date due to medical malpractice that was submitted to the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute. Accommodation Expense: 100,000KRW per a day(Maximum 8 days) / Transportation Expense: 50,000KRW per a day(Maximum 4 days)

Application and Procedure
01. How to apply

Fill out the Application Form and submit to Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute

02. Deadline for Application

Submit the Application Form to Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute before a day of arrival of the tourists

※ It is permitted to submit the application for the day of entering South Korea with a certain reason

03. Must Submit

Name, Passport No., Birthdate(YYMMDD), Date of Arrival/Departure, Gender, Name of Hospital(Clinic)

04. procedure when the Accident Occur
  • 01 Arrival and Apply for the Insurance
  • 02 Medical or Injured Accident Occurs
  • 03 Report the accident to Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute
  • 04 Apply the Arbitration to Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitralion Agency
  • 05 Compensate according to the Medical Tourism Safely Insurance

Daegu Medical Tourism Quality Assurance Service

This is a service for the attraction of foreign patients and quality control of medical institutions, and enhancement of reliability of Daegu medical tourism and building of compensation procedure for accident-loss that may occur during the visits for medical purpose.

Compensation and Support for Medical Tourism Accident and Loss

The Daegu Metropolitan City provides compensation funds considering that medical tourists can suffer psychological damage and loss of time given the tong duration irom support for agreement and dispute to the final solution of medical accidents that may occur during the performance of medical practice

※ Medical Dispute Support Committee

Tho Committee is operatad in a part-time system under Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute, consisting of 5 to 6 people from entities such as Daegu City, medical institutions, and law firms.


* Additional support will be provided after the case review by the Committes

  • 01 Occurrence of Medical Dispute
  • 02 Report to the Center
  • 03 Review by Medical Dispute Support Committee
  • 04 Provide Compensation
  • 05 Settlement Report (End of Project)
Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency

The agency mediates and arbitrates to provide comprehensive medical dispute salutions from basic consultation related to madical accidents of health and medical institutions to compensation of large sum of amount such as server injury and/or death, and covers the overall functions needed before litigation.

Inguiries +

Incentive for Medical Tourism

  • Priority Reservation for Foreigner (Capability to accommodate more than 15 people)
  • To provide One-Stop Service to Tourist Issue the Visa, Airport Pick-up and Sending Service
  • Examination results are provided to patients in their own language before the day depart from Korea
  • Interpretation Service (English / Chinese / Russian / Japanese, etc.)
Interpretation Service
  • Translation during Arrival & DepartureDaegu Airport, Gimhae Airport, Incheon Airport
  • Translation during Medical TreatmentMedical Consultation, Procedure, Examination, Surgery, and Others.(Tour, Shopping, Meal, and etc.)
Transportation Support
  • Daegu Medical Tourism Assistance Taxi, Van or Rental Car
Accommodation Support
  • Offer Incentives (If the patient stays an accommodation facility located in the Daegu City)
Specific Purpose
  • Discount of medical fee for the patients from foreign sister cities.
Familiarization Tour Support
  • Who VIPs or Medical Tourism Agency
  • What Staying Expense(Meal, Accommodation), Transportation Support, Tour Program(Medical Institute, and Tourism Spot), Welcome Dinner
Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute + +

Representative Medical Technology of Medicity Daegu

Medical Examination

Provide One-Stop Service with Highly Advanced Medical Equipment

Operation for Cancer and Severe Disease

Professicnal Treatment with Reasonable Price

Korean Medicine Beauty & Western-Korean Medicine Integrated Treatment

Providing New Concept of Treatment Service by Integrate Western-Korean Medicine

Cosmetic Surgery

Delicate Medical Procedure and Follow-Up Management

Hair Transplantation

First & Best Hair Transplantation Techrology in the World

Cosmetic Dermatology

Provide the Best Beauty Care Service with Advanced Equipment


Professional and Categorized Treatment for patients


Provide the Best Qualily Service by Diverse Clinical Experience

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Provide an Exclusive Medical System for Foreigners

Tourist Attractions

Mountain Palgong

Mountain Palgong is the representative tourism spot of daegu with beautiful valley and circular path and has a lot of historical contents and olle-gil (eco-friendly road)


83 Tower is the landmark of daegu, where visitors can make unforgettable memory by look over the city’s changing city street with four season

Street Dongseong

Street Dongseong is one of the most popular places in Daegu. The street leads the trend and youth culture

Seomun Market

Seomun Market is one of the three major markets of the Joseon Dynasty, and it still actively operates in various items such as textiles/clothing/foods. Especially recently, many people enjoy food in the night market (Operation Hour: 19:00 ~ 24:00)

Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple is a representative work of Oriental Art and a Temple representing Korea Buddhism and along with Seokguram is appointed by UNESCO as World Heritage

Hahoe Villages

The entire Village is appointed by UNESCO as World Heritage and it is the place where Korean Traditional Culture is still alive


Homigot is the place where many people visit to see the sunrise where the first place in Korea to see the sunrise and it is also famous place with its Lighthouse


The Center of Inland Traffic System of Korea! Daegu

Daegu International Airport

  • Beijing Shanghai ↔ Daegu International Airport1hour 50mins
Daegu International Airport Domestic Line


  • Incheon International Airport ↔ Daegu International Airport1hour
  • Jeju International Airport ↔ Daegu International Airport1hour
Gimhae International Airport

  • Vladivostok ↔ Gimhae International Airport2hours
Incheon International Airport

  • Moscow ↔ Incheon International Airport9hours 50mins
  • St. Petersburg ↔ Incheon International Airport9hours 35mins
  • Khabarovsk ↔ Incheon International Airport3hours
  • Vladivostok ↔ Incheon International Airport2hours 20mins
  • Astana ↔ Incheon International Airport7hours 5mins
  • Almaty ↔ Incheon International Airport5hours 35mins
Domestic Transportation(Railway)
The center of half-day Korean Tour KTX
  • Seoul ↔ Daegu1hour 50mins
  • Busan ↔ Daegu40mins