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  • Won Seok Choi

    Won Seok Choi Chair

    · Director, V Plastic Surgery Clinic

    - Korea Health Industry Development Institute Medical Korea Awards, 2013
    - Grand Prize as outstanding Korean Doctor, 2013
    - Win national official commendation as global health care, 2013

  • Yoon seo Kim

    Yoon seo Kim

    · Part Manager of Quality Communicator, V Plastic Surgery Clinic

  • Jae Young Park

    Jae Young Park

    · Director, BL plastic surgery clinic

  • Young Woo Ro

    Young Woo Ro

    · Main Doctor/CEO, Cheongdam Oracle Dermatology / Oracle medical group

  • Seong Geun Chi

    Seong Geun Chi

    · Director, JCI AllforSkin Dermatology Clinic

    - Specialist in Dermatology

  • Hyuk Jun Kwon

    Hyuk Jun Kwon

    · Director, Joseph Plastic Surgery Center

  • Il Shin Jung

    Il Shin Jung

    · Director of the headquarters, V Plastic Surgery Clinic

  • Seung Chul Yoo

    Seung Chul Yoo

    · Professor, Ewha Womans University

    - An expert on new marketing technology and a consultant on digital healthcare branding

  • Yong Jung Son

    Yong Jung Son

    · CEO, BLCOMS Ltd.

  • Ji Seon Park

    Ji Seon Park

    · Vice President, Hospital Consulting SEMA Group Co., Ltd.

    - Lectured about CS(Customer Satisfaction) for more than 500 Companies, Government offices, Hospitals

  • Young Sil Pi

    Young Sil Pi

    · Vice President, Hospital Consulting SEMA Group Co., Ltd.

    - Awarded 'Famous lecturer in Korea' as the youngest person in the country from The Korea Economic Daily, Korea Lecturers Association in 2006

  • Yu Wenjuan

    Yu Wenjuan

    · Director of Medical Beauty Center, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical College, China

    - Vice chief committee member of Skin Professional Committee of Xi 'an Nursing Society
    - Standing member of skin Health Management Committee of Sexology Branch of Shaanxi Medical Association